Major Study Associates Coffee Consumption with Better Long-Term Heart HealthDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

New research suggests daily coffee drinking may be good for long-term heart health, with reduced incidence of stroke, cardiovascular disease and even all-cause mortality (death of any kind).

The findings were presented today at the annual European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress after a review of health data involving nearly half a million people in the UK Biobank with no signs of heart disease at the outset of the study period.

“To our knowledge, this is the largest study to systematically assess the cardiovascular effects of regular coffee consumption in a population without diagnosed heart disease,” said Judit Simon of

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Longer Lunch Breaks In Schools May Promote Healthy Eating Habits Among Kids: Study

Let’s admit – fruits and vegetables were never a preferred lunch choice for most of us in school. During those days, healthy foods took a backseat and noodles, sandwich, cakes and fries were given priority. Have you ever wondered, why? While many might think it’s the age to get attracted to fried food, researchers at the University of Illinois find the time dedicated for lunch break to be one of the major factors affecting a child’s food habit. A study, published in the journal ‘JAMA Network Open’ suggests that with more time at the lunch table, kids are more likely

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Vegetarians eat more visible fat than non-vegetarians: Study

The average daily (per day) consumption of visible fat among vegetarians in these metro cities was 40.4 grams per day while the non-vegetarians consumed just 30.1 grams per day

Hyderabad: A popular belief is that people on non-vegetarian diet tend to have fatty deposits in their body, making them lethargic, while vegetarians with their plant-based diet end up leading fulfilling and enriching lives.

Such popular narratives, however, when tested against hard scientific data, could end up surprising one and all.

Similar was the case when researchers at the Hyderabad-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) conducted an analysis of consumption

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People following plant-based diet ‘much less likely to get severe Covid-19’, study suggests

People who enjoy a plant-based diet like vegetarians and vegans or take fish as their only source of meat are considerably less likely to contract severe Covid-19, a new study has found.

According to the findings published in The BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, which examined data from healthcare workers across six countries including the UK, people who follow a plant-based diet are 73 per cent less likely to be hit by coronavirus while self-declared pescatarians were 59 per cent less likely to become ill than those who eat red and white meat.

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets appeared to be

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Study links drinking any coffee with lower risk

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A new study finds a link between drinking any type of coffee and a lower risk of liver problems. Image credit: Boy_Anupong/Getty Images
  • A study involving nearly 500,000 people finds that drinking coffee significantly lowers the risk of developing liver disease.
  • The health benefit applies to all kinds of coffee, including caffeinated, decaffeinated, ground, and instant coffee.
  • The study finds that drinking 3–4 cups per day provides the greatest benefit.

For many, coffee is their favorite — some might say indispensable — part of each day. Yet there is also a constant stream of often contradictory research

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Eating This Healthy Food May Increase Your Parkinson’s Risk, Study Says

If you’re like most people trying to stay healthy, there’s a good chance you’ve made some changes to your diet. After all, being conscious of what you put into your body can be one of the best ways to avoid heart disease, diabetes, or other serious health conditions. But research out of Harvard University has shown that one type of food marketed as being good for your health may actually increase your risk of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Read on to see which items you might want to cut back on.

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