60 Biggest TikTok Viral Recipe Trends of 2021

Pesto Eggs

(Confessions of Parenting)

The beauty of TikTok is that you just never know what you’re going to get. I held off getting the TikTok app because I thought it was only about dancing. Then, by word of mouth, I heard about the Nacho Table Trend and Whipped Coffee. All the chatter was enough to lure me in and I became an instant fan of this giant world of cooking videos.

These viral TikTok recipes are not the perfectly curated videos you will find on other social media channels though. These are tried-and-true recipes made by regular people; people looking

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TikTok Korean Iced Coffee Drink at McDonald’s

Another viral food hack taking over TikTok, McDonald’s special iced coffee combination is just what we need this summer.

The trick is simple: go to your nearest McDonald’s, ask for an iced black coffee and a vanilla soft serve. Open the cup lid and dunk the ice cream into the drink. Mix everything up and you’ll have a new beverage that tastes just like Korean-style iced coffee. The result tastes similar to an affogato and makes an ideal drink to cool down.

Watch the videos below to see what TikTokers think of the new hack. One warning: make sure to

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Level up your coffee, Soju: 7 TikTok drink recipes to try at home

Jade Yamanaka Gime (Philstar.com) – July 8, 2021 – 7:23pm

MANILA, Philippines – Apart from the never-ending dance crazes, interesting “story time” we got hooked on and makeup transformations, TikTok content creators also use the platform to share different beverage recipes that people can try at the comfort of their homes.

If you want to unlock the inner bartender and barista in you, you might want to check these recipes out!

Iced Caramel Macchiato 



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? Peaches – Justin Bieber


Coffee is the

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As Seen On Tiktok: KitKat Iced Coffee Recipe

Hi, everyone. I guess some of you have already figured out that I loved iced coffee. I like my cup of Joe sweet and cold to help me start my day. I’ve been brewing coffee at home for almost a year, and I admit that I need to expand my recipe database.

As I was scrolling through TikTok (where else, right?), I stumbled upon an iced coffee recipe that made me excited for morning to arrive again. Tiktok uses filmsbydaira shared a latte recipe that featured KitKat bars!  I love KitKat chocolate bars so much that I always made sure

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Viral TikTok iced coffee recipe perfect for Biscoff lovers

An iced coffee is the perfect refreshing drink for summer, and even better when it’s made with something sweet.

Another coffee recipe has went viral on TikTok after the Dalgona recipe last year, this time it’s Lotus Biscoff flavoured.

Dalgona coffee consists of hot or cold milk topped with a smooth, meringue-like coffee foam and it took over TikTok in summer 2020.

Now users are getting excited over Biscoff flavoured iced coffees and lattes, which are super simple to make.

The following version by @itsmemarinaa has received 287.1K likes, 2M views and over 3300 comments.

You will only need four

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Watermelon With Mustard Is Trending on TikTok


I’m almost positive this combination started out as someone’s pregnancy craving, because never in a million years would I have thought to put mustard on watermelon. Leave it to TikTok to create yet another polarizing food trend that doesn’t end up being as bad as you think it’ll be. Apparently banana peel pulled “pork” was just scratching the surface, so make sure to try this one out for yourself before you comment on the TikTok videos, because you just might change your mind — at least that’s what happened to me.

Since I’m already a big fan of strawberries in

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