Spicy Pickled Garlic Recipe From TikTok With Photos


Cloves of garlic hardly seem like a delicious snack, but when they’re pickled, for some reason they’re irresistible — at least according to just about everyone on TikTok right now. After TikTok user @LalaLeluu shared a 45-second snippet of her eating garlic by the spoonful while sharing her easy recipe, the trend has pretty much blown up on the app, with TikTokers creating their own versions and even having it for breakfast.

According to Lala’s recipe, all you need to do is drain a jar of pickled garlic — the kind preserved in vinegar, not oil — and add sriracha,

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Six unlikely foods that are trending because of TikTok

Food trends come and go, once aided by magazines and celebrity chefs on the telly, then Instagram. But TikTok has been blowing Instagram out of the water when it comes to its fun, fast-paced and aesthetic food content. TikTok’s ability to pick up a video and send it completely viral via the platform’s “For You” page, combined with its attractive video edits and catchy music, has created the perfect environment for a slew of foods to trend worldwide.

Sexy slow-mo shots of oozy cheese and loaded desserts are being eaten up (figuratively and literally) by TikTokers. But here are the

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Cookie butter lattes are trending on TikTok and here is how you make one at home

These sound all sorts of delicious.

When it comes to cool and viral new food or drink trends to try, TikTok has quickly become the go-to place to find them.

From whipped coffees to that baked feta cheese pasta, we have been kept busy this past year testing out all the dishes and drinks TikTok has been telling us we need to know about.

And right now, apparently, what we should all be sipping to beat the heat, are cookie butter lattes.

Sounds tasty? We know!

And the good news is, they are not overly complicated or time-consuming to throw

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These Cold Brew Recipes On TikTok Will Take Coffee Lovers Out Of Their Normal Grind

Cold brew is iced coffee’s cooler and tastier cousin. It’s usually prepared by steeping coffee grounds in a jar of water, then placing the jar in a refrigerator overnight. While you sleep, the coffee turns the water into a flavorful and smooth sip, which should be drained in the morning. These cold brew recipes on TikTok will show you how it’s done, and what to do after the cold brew has been prepared.

As a coffee lover, your first instinct may be to add your oat milk or caramel syrup to your cup, then get on with your day. That’s

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This TikTok matcha latte recipe has gone viral – and here’s how to make it

Grace Lindsay

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many of us have turned to TikTok for new and exciting at-home recipes to make up for missing our favourite restaurants and coffee shops. At the beginning of the UK lockdown, the Dalgona Coffee recipe took the world by storm, with millions of people taking to social media to share their attempts at making the delicious

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7 #HomeCafe Coffee Recipes On TikTok That Will Make You Feel Like A Barista

If you remember the dalgona coffee trend that took over TikTok last year, you know the social media app is no stranger to Insta-worthy drinks. Now, after a year of making home brews, people are showing off their most impressive #HomeCafe coffee recipes on TikTok. They’re so cool looking, they’ll make you want to try them out for yourself.

Even if all you know how to make is a plain drip coffee, these recipes are so easy to follow that a newbie barista like you can tackle them. They’ll also give you that coffee shop feeling at home if you’re

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