Doctor provides tips on getting kids to eat healthy foods

It’s a battle that can seem never-ending: getting kids to make healthy food choices, especially eating vegetables.

Dr. Nona Djavid, the founder of SoulScale, says if this is happening at your house, it’s important to remember you’re not alone.

“There’s so much variety of food that’s available to us: the packaging, the marketing, all of that. So, it’s becoming harder and harder to get your kids to eat healthier,” said Djavid.

She says to keep an eye on snack time because when they’re the hungriest, kids are most likely to eat what’s in front of them.

Be sure to have

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Going on a Road Trip? Get Tips for Healthy Food Options

By Suzanne Watkins, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, Samaritan Albany General Hospital 

It’s finally summer, and nothing quite says summer like a road trip. Not keen on breaking that healthy meal plan you’ve adopted? That’s ok. A road trip does not mean you have to cut corners on eating healthful foods, though it does take some planning ahead. Whether you bring your own food or are relying on food along the way, there are ways you can stay healthy and feel good during your road trip.

Bring Your Own Food

If you have time to prepare for your trip, the healthiest

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How To Make Sizzler At Home: Easy Tips And Recipes

When it comes to Indo-Chinese, there is no end to the dishes that we have experimented with. Whether it is the crispy chilli potato, all types of Manchurian, different flavours in chowmein or the succulent pieces of chilli chicken, we all have come to love these meals. The popularity of Indo-Chinese cuisine is such that you can find these dishes in every nook and corner of the country and can even make them at home. But one of the things that we still struggle to make is a delicious hot plate of Chinese Sizzlers!

Chinese sizzlers are one of those

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Iced Coffees Hacks And Tips


Invest in an iced coffee machine



If you want barista-quality iced coffees at home every single time,  you can’t go wrong with buying an iced coffee machine. This Breville machine comes complete with a double-wall insulated tumbler, straw, coffee scoop and removable filter. Ooooooo, fancy!


Use leftover coffee to make iced coffee cubes

Next time you make coffee, and you have some left over that you simply can’t finish, instead of pouring it down the sink, pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow it to cool, then pop the tray into your freezer. Then

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The Best Way to Cook Asparagus and Other Tips From a Vegetarian Recipe Pro

TEN YEARS AGO, when Hetty McKinnon started her lunch-delivery-by-bicycle service from her home in Sydney, she had zero culinary experience and no business plan. She hoped to show “the possibilities of vegetable-based eating without labels,” she said. Within two years of Arthur Street Kitchen’s launch, customer demand for the recipes was so high, she self-published a cookbook, “Community,” followed by two sequels.

In 2015 Ms. McKinnon moved to Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and three kids. She launched the journal Peddler in 2017, and her new cookbook, “To Asia, With Love” (Prestel), hit shelves this

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A personal search for the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, with tips from two local roasters | Food News | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest Inlander

Warren Gilles brewing a perfect cup at Arctos Coffee. - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO

Young Kwak photo

Warren Gilles brewing a perfect cup at Arctos Coffee.

Those who know me are well aware I’m a coffee fiend. And by coffee fiend, I mean my pour-over set is one of my closest companions. It wasn’t always this way, however, and mastering the perfect cup of at-home coffee took plenty of trial and error.

In fall 2019, I made my first adult kitchen appliance purchase. My new Nespresso machine made me quickly grow accustomed to pampering myself with coffee, both for luxury and functional purposes.

Last March, the first task

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