Food Network recipe for popcorn and mayo salad is going viral

Popcorn (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

HOUSTON (KIAH) — How’s this for an interesting take on “salad?”

There’s a new recipe on the Food Network’s website that’s going viral — for a salad that uses popcorn and mayo. And sure some vegetables are in there, too. Why not?!

A starter recipe is called “Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad.” You sprinkle popcorn with white cheddar flavoring, then whip up a bowl of mayo, sour

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Yes, you can deep fry water. Watch viral video of this bizarre food trend

You have heard of bizarre dishes such as maggi pani puri, ice cream parathas and nutella biryani. But do you know there is something called deep fried water? Yes, that’s correct.

Deep fried water, the latest food trend this season, has already started garnering hilarious reactions on social media. The first video of deep fried water was posted to YouTube in 2016 but the concept started trending again after chemical engineer James Orgill, who runs the channel The Action Lab, tried deep-frying water in December 2020 and succeeded in the first attempt.


You must be

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This TikTok matcha latte recipe has gone viral – and here’s how to make it

Grace Lindsay

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many of us have turned to TikTok for new and exciting at-home recipes to make up for missing our favourite restaurants and coffee shops. At the beginning of the UK lockdown, the Dalgona Coffee recipe took the world by storm, with millions of people taking to social media to share their attempts at making the delicious

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Spaghetti-Os Pie: Why Gross Viral Food Videos Are Popular

Alexandra Plakias, a philosophy professor at Hamilton College who studies food, disgust, and moral judgment, watched some of these videos at my request (my apologies to her). She identified a possible explanation for why the recipes bore themselves into our brains: They are minimally counterintuitive ideas. “You take something that’s familiar, but then you put just enough of a twist on it to subvert expectations,” Plakias explained to me. “Minimally counterintuitive concepts are maximally memorable.” This concept was developed by the cognitive anthropologist Pascal Boyer to make sense of which kinds of religious ideas stick—a god with a human visage,

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TikTok’s viral baked feta pasta is worth the hype

Though Tiiu Piret posted a version of the dish on her blog in February 2018, fellow Finnish blogger Jenni Hayrinen is credited with making uunifetapasta (Finnish for “oven-baked feta pasta”) go viral in her country after posting her simplified version a year later. “The stores actually ran out of feta cheese here,” Hayrinen told Today.

The baked feta pasta phenomenon came stateside once MacKenzie Smith, the blogger behind Grilled Cheese Social, posted a video to her TikTok of yet another rendition at the end of January (though she posted it to her blog in June 2019). Smith’s single video

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