From Effortless Knead-Not Plant-Based Bread to 30-Minute Tortillas: 10 Vegan Recipes that Went Viral Last Week!

When everyone’s got their eyes on a recipe, you know it must have something special that you will want to try! That’s the case for these 10 vegan viral recipes that went viral last week. They’re some of the best, and trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on these incredible viral recipe creations from our bloggers!

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‘This is getting out of hand’: Netizens fume over viral picture of ‘Maggi milkshake’

While Maggi seems to be a favourite among desi foodies, it is also a dish that many tend to experiment with and often go a tad bit extreme. While earlier it was ‘Maggi Laddu‘ and ‘Oreo Maggi’ that left netizens feeling disgusted, now the latest one to make many cringe is the ‘Maggi milkshake’.

While it is not clear who made the bizarre dish, a picture of two milkshake glasses topped with a scoop of cooked Maggi is now being widely circulated on several social media platforms.

“Some idiot shared this with me…Maggie Milk-shake…. Jinda pakadna hai in banane waalo

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Skip Starbucks with these viral TikTok pumpkin spice latte recipes

The air is crisp, and we’re starting to crave our favorite fall flavor: pumpkin.

For coffee lovers, that often means trips to the coffee shop to sample a seasonal fall drink, like Starbucks’ iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte.

But if you’re looking to skip a trip to Starbucks (and save some dough), we’ve rounded up viral recipes so you can recreate fall beverages at home.

From the classic PSL to the newer apple and brown sugar-flavored macchiato, give these copycat recipes a try:

Pumpkin spice latte at-home recipe

This is the OG fall drink of pumpkin coffee lovers. You can’t

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Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time at US eatery. His reaction is now a viral video

A Nigerian man visited an Indian restaurant in the US and tasted Lamb Vindaloo for the first time. The video has gone viral on social media.

Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time at US eatery. (Photos: Ling & Lamb)

Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time at US eatery. (Photos: Ling & Lamb)

A Nigerian man tasted Indian food for the first time at a restaurant in the US state of Connecticut and was so impressed that he offered to pay double the price for the dish. Taccara Rae and Lamboginny, an influencer couple, shared a video of their experience of relishing Indian dishes on their Instagram account called Ling &

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Gold vada pav! Dubai restaurant’s twist to desi street food goes viral

Bringing the authentic taste of Mumbai to Dubai, O’Pao DXB has been satisfying tastebuds of desi people in the country with a wide variety of vada pavs for quite some time now.

Recently, infusing opulence to their usual twist, the restaurant came up with a variation involving real gold!

Unveiling the world’s first “22 Karat O’Gold Vada Pao”, the Indian restaurant teased fans with a video of their new dish, costing AED 99, roughly Rs 1,970 in Indian currency. Adorned with premium quality 22-karat gold leaves, the vada is far from the humble potato patty found in Mumbai street stalls.

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Clever dog caught stealing food from kitchen. Video is viral with 3 million views

A video has gone viral on Twitter in which a dog can be seen sneakily entering the kitchen and eating food from a pan.

Screenshots from the video.

There won’t ever be a dull moment in your life if you have a dog as company. How do we know, you ask? Well, this video has gone insanely viral on social media in which a dog can be seen sneakily entering the kitchen and eating food from a pan.

In the 15-second clip, the pet can be seen on its hind legs pushing a chair towards the kitchen counter where it,

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