60 Biggest TikTok Viral Recipe Trends of 2021

Pesto Eggs

(Confessions of Parenting)

The beauty of TikTok is that you just never know what you’re going to get. I held off getting the TikTok app because I thought it was only about dancing. Then, by word of mouth, I heard about the Nacho Table Trend and Whipped Coffee. All the chatter was enough to lure me in and I became an instant fan of this giant world of cooking videos.

These viral TikTok recipes are not the perfectly curated videos you will find on other social media channels though. These are tried-and-true recipes made by regular people; people looking

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Elephant crashes through kitchen wall to look for food. Video from Thailand goes viral

Over the weekend, Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, a resident of the Hua Hin district’s Chalermkiatpattana village in Thailand, heard a noise in the kitchen at her home in the early hours of Saturday morning. She woke up and headed straight to check and guess what she discovered? An elephant, poking through the wall, in search of food.

Ratchadawan was absolutely stupefied, but, managed to record the incident on her phone as the male elephant named Boonchuay rummaged through the kitchen drawers in order to look for food, The Guardian reports. In the meantime, Boonchuay chewed on a plastic bag.

A Twitter account

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Viral TikTok iced coffee recipe perfect for Biscoff lovers

An iced coffee is the perfect refreshing drink for summer, and even better when it’s made with something sweet.

Another coffee recipe has went viral on TikTok after the Dalgona recipe last year, this time it’s Lotus Biscoff flavoured.

Dalgona coffee consists of hot or cold milk topped with a smooth, meringue-like coffee foam and it took over TikTok in summer 2020.

Now users are getting excited over Biscoff flavoured iced coffees and lattes, which are super simple to make.

The following version by @itsmemarinaa has received 287.1K likes, 2M views and over 3300 comments.

You will only need four

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19-year-old cook behind viral frozen baked sweet potato

During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, TODAY is sharing the community’s history, pain, joy and what’s next for the AAPI movement. We will be publishing personal essays, stories, videos and specials throughout the entire month of May.

Nineteen-year-old George Lee has captured the attention of many, including “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi and vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli, who are just two of the plant-based cook’s 688,000+ Instagram followers. Over on TikTok, Lee commands the attention of over 552,000 and has quickly developed a signature style with short how-to videos that showcase his passion for vegan and vegetarian fare as well

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Gross Viral Food Videos Like Spaghetti-Os Pie Are Connected to This Guy

Sometimes a meteorite will reach a velocity fast enough to traverse the vacuum of space, piercing Earth’s atmosphere and giving us a small glimpse of the unfathomably large and chaotic universe just beyond our own world. Similarly but in a virtual world, viral videos of white women making extremely questionable food continue to escape the confines of Facebook and end up on our Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram feeds.

These videos all tend to have a similar aesthetic. A beautiful woman in her 30s stands at a counter or a sink or a stove doing something unholy with eggs or a

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Food Network recipe for popcorn and mayo salad is going viral

Popcorn (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

HOUSTON (KIAH) — How’s this for an interesting take on “salad?”

There’s a new recipe on the Food Network’s website that’s going viral — for a salad that uses popcorn and mayo. And sure some vegetables are in there, too. Why not?!

A starter recipe is called “Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad.” You sprinkle popcorn with white cheddar flavoring, then whip up a bowl of mayo, sour

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