An Introduction to Water Activity in Green CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

water activity in green coffee

While water activity may not affect cup score at any given moment, it may affect how long coffee maintains its quality. Daily Coffee News photo.

The world of science in the coffee industry has, for the past few years, been experiencing a renaissance involving innovation, technology, research and experimentation.

Most specialty coffee professionals have always been dedicated to a pursuit of excellence in all aspects of coffee — brewing, roasting, growing, processing, etc. — but in recent years, interest in a more scientific, data-driven approach to coffee has truly taken off and become mainstream.

Green coffee cupping tray

courtesy photo

It wasn’t too long

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Swiss Water Opens 82,000-SF Production Center Outside VancouverDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Swiss Water Decaf headquarters Delta

The new Swiss Water factory in Delta, British Columbia. All images courtesy of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc.

Following long-term growth projections for the decaffeinated coffee market, Canadian green coffee processing and trading company Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee has opened a new 82,000-square-foot production facility.

Based in the Vancouver, British Columbia, suburb of Delta, the new processing and research facility vastly expands the company’s capacity, while its existing factory in nearby Burnaby will continue operations.

swiss water factory

Occupying a unique position as both a proprietary coffee processing method and a consumer-facing brand, Swiss Water boasts of a decaffeination process that requires only

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Yes, you can deep fry water. Watch viral video of this bizarre food trend

You have heard of bizarre dishes such as maggi pani puri, ice cream parathas and nutella biryani. But do you know there is something called deep fried water? Yes, that’s correct.

Deep fried water, the latest food trend this season, has already started garnering hilarious reactions on social media. The first video of deep fried water was posted to YouTube in 2016 but the concept started trending again after chemical engineer James Orgill, who runs the channel The Action Lab, tried deep-frying water in December 2020 and succeeded in the first attempt.


You must be

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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Names Marisol Pinzon Director of TradingDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Pinzon Headshot

Marisol Pinzon of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co. Courtesy photo.

Coffee processing and trading company Swiss Water Decaffeinated has appointed Marisol Pinzon as managing director of trading and development. In the position, which has been newly created by the British Columbia, Canada-based company, Pinzon will lead worldwide sales and trading outside of the European market.

“As Swiss Water continues its strong growth trend, driven by increasing industry and consumer demand for chemical free decaffeination, evolving our structure to best support the needs of our customers is vital,” Swiss Water CEO Frank Dennis said in an announcement of the appointment today.

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