An Arepa Recipe You Won’t Soon Forget

In Colombia, where the food stylist Mariana Velásquez grew up, every region has its own variety of arepas. Some have more than one. Bogotá, Ms. Velásquez notes in her new cookbook, “Colombiana,” has at least 72 variations all by itself.

“From the sweet yuca arepas of Cesar to the anís arepas of Magangué, from the breadfruit arepas of San Andrés to green chickpea arepas from the Tenza Valley,” she writes, for Colombians, “arepas are simply their native bread.”

An ancient type of flat, round cake made from boiled, dried corn ground to a flour, arepas are also a

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Coffee won’t make your heart flutter

Every coffee drinker generates an insane amount of used wet coffee grounds every single week that we usually trash and never think about again, turns out that’s a waste of a precious resource. Here are a few reasons you should save your coffee grounds and let them work for you. Not everyone has a natural green thumb, so why not use what you have to get what you want? The list suggests using the grounds as fertilizer. The site reports that they are rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals that promote plant growth. Hate bugs. Yeah, me too. Well. … Read more