The Family That Brews Together: Local family brings craft coffee to Berkeley County | Journal-news

MARTINSBURG — Perched along Ropp Drive, a cute farmhouse-style trailer sits with the welcoming smell of freshly brewed coffee and the warm smiles of the Kimbrell family, the warm day and bright sun making for a view reminiscent of a postcard.

That trailer, A.M. Brews, ties together the family’s passion for craft coffee and brewing in one of Berkeley County’s newest businesses, the family-owned operation about to hit the two-month mark.

“We all like coffee, and we thought, ‘We think our community needs some more craft coffee in the area. Let’s do it,’” Paris Kimbrell said. “We all like to brew. (My mom and I) like to brew coffee, and (my dad) actually likes to brew beer.”

Curt pointed to the building at the other end of the driveway, noting that it will soon be the county’s new brewery spot, as well, and the whole operation ties together with a bond to Paris herself. The brewery will be called Amani Brewery, Paris’ middle name being Amani, which means love, peace and the most beautiful girl.

“We named the brewery after her, because she’s our daughter but also because I love beer, craft beer and brewing,” Curt said. “It was a natural fit. The brewery’s been in concept for years now, just trying to finalize everything and get things rolling. When this came up, it came about that the name could be Amani Morning Brews, which that’s what the A.M. stands for. It’s a perfect fit for what we’re doing. This is brewing, and that’s brewing. We love both, so it’s a good fit.”

The trailer has become the perfect destination for coffee lovers and so many more, the natural beauty of the area allowing for a spot to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a quick bite.

“We use local beans. They’re roasted at River Bottom Roasters in Williamsport,” Curt said. “They make really, really good beans, which is the reason the coffee is as good as it is. Without good beans, you’re not going to have good coffee. We’re lucky to have partnered with him.”

To go with that cup, customers can enjoy loaded egg squares — a quiche-like bite featuring spicy sausage, sharp cheddar, has browns and egg — a parfait or, on Fridays, gravy, which has already become a customer favorite. Plus, the Kimbrells’ whoopie pies have already launched into a hit, the icing being Chrissy’s mom’s recipe.

“We do a different whoopie pie every week. That’s grandma’s icing. She also does cream cheese icing that’s really good,” Chrissy explained, adding the icing changes between the two based on the cake part of the dessert. “That’s my mom’s recipe for her cupcakes. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but whenever she makes cupcakes — she does it for all the occasions and brings them over — I always have a cupcake. That’s when I splurge. It’s worth it. Grandma’s icing is worth it.”

The Kimbrells focus on sourcing as much locally as possible, buying eggs from a friend and honey from Honey Moon Apiary down the road from the trailer, an ingredient in every parfait and most whoopie pies and drinks.

The family crafted the menu themselves, working hard to taste test everything and find the perfect offerings that represented the vision, as well as pleased the customers.

“I think that was probably the hardest part of the whole thing, coming up with the different flavor combinations and trying to be unique,” Paris said. “But that was definitely fun being able to pick all the names for it, testing all the drinks.”

The menu is entitled “Choose your path,” as the businesses — both the brewery and the coffee trailer — focus on the family’s belief that life is a journey, not a destination, the perfect concept for work that doesn’t feel like work anymore.

“It’s awesome (to have the businesses at home),” Curt said. “It’s almost like you don’t work, just play. You wake up and just go play. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work because it’s all for a good thing.”

Every aspect of the business is tied to the Kimbrells personally in some way, even the menu and logo tying to Paris’ handwriting.

“She did the handwriting for the whole menu,” Chrissy said. “Because we love her handwriting, we had our designer for the logo actually create her font. We can print anything we want in her handwriting. We’re tying it to both places. It’s really cool.”

Because of that deep connection to their business, the desire to cultivate relationships with customers and bring a personal flair, serving those who stop by has become a highlight of the days.

“One of our things we take very seriously here is our community, and probably my favorite part of this whole thing has been meeting complete strangers, and they become friends,” Paris said, describing the pleasure in knowing former strangers’ names as they approach the cart and knowing what they want to drink, seeing friendships forged at the trailer.

A.M. Brews is opened 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Friday and is located at 654 Ropp Drive. To stay up to date on the business, follow its Facebook or Instagram page at A.M. Brews.