Vegetarian ‘vomits’ after biting into ‘Vegetarian Deluxe’ containing chicken


Vegetarian Louise Davies hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years until recently.

A McDonald’s customer in England felt “betrayed” after she bit into a vegetarian burger that contained a chicken fillet.

Louise Davies wanted to treat her 11-year-old daughter who had just broken up for school holidays, little did she know she was in for an awful shock.

Davies said she “immediately” vomited and couldn’t eat for the next 12 hours.

The 50-year-old said she hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years but instantly recognised the taste of chicken.

“I immediately was sick because I haven’t eaten meat in over 40 years. The texture and everything … I just had to rush to the toilet.

“That’s the effect meat will have on me. Even the smell of it, I don’t like.

“I didn’t actually eat it, I bit into it and straight away I vomited. I spat it out and threw up.

“I didn’t think to look in it, I just thought it was a veggie burger.”

Davies said she now can’t trust “anything from McDonald’s to be vegetarian”.

“It’s not the best place to get vegetarian food to be honest if they’re that careless. I feel upset and a bit betrayed.”

“It just reminded me of being a child in my grandma’s kitchen, just the taste of it. It made me feel sick even then,” said Davies.

Fortunately, Davies said she was able to drink a fruit smoothie the morning after the incident.