Whipped Coffee with Cinnamon – Whip up something delicous

How do you like your coffee? Do you like your coffee instant? Do you like it filtered or pressed? Why don’t you try something brand new and just whip it up? We mean that quite literally. Whipped Coffee is a fresh take on your favourite cuppa’ that will put a smile on your face in the morning or at brunch.

If you only have instant coffee, this is another great way of putting an absolutely delicious spin on your favourite brew. This recipe is best made with instant coffee, so you are set with this one. The whipped coffee mixture will be strong on its own, but the flavour becomes much milder once you stir it into your milk or add it to your desserts. It’s rich and light all at once. Adding cocoa powder, cinnamon powder or both to the mixture improves the flavour even more.

Whip up something new and tasty in the morning, add it to your brunch menu or surprise your guests with a delicious dessert. Whipped Coffee elevates your favourite brew to a whole new level.

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